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How to Store an Apple And Enjoy The Juiciness For Long

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Wondering how to store apple?Worry not for here is an easy guide on storing apples at home. It is always beneficial to learn tips to store an apple for a long term (say three to four months). This will aid you in saving the valuable apple dollars (no pun intented) for more worthy causes.


Before learning about how to store an apple, it is important to know what causes the spoilage. Apples can get damaged due to bruises, time, incorrect storage method and contact with other rotten apples. 

  • Bruises: The bruises are inflicted on apples while sorting them. The apples should be handled very carefully while sorting. If you are thinking of storing an apple for a long time then be extra careful with the apples because even a minor neglect or mishandling can rotten the whole lot of apples if you plan to store an apple for long time. While wrapping the apples for storage it is always best to double check whether an apple have any kind of cuts, bruises or damage. The bruised apples should be sorted out and used immediately. If you find it difficult to gobble up the bruised apples then it is recommended that you switch over to apple laid recipes.


  • Time: Time is an important factor that decides the storage capacity of an apple. The golden rule of storing an apple lies in its age. It should be ensured that to store an apple you need to choose the ones that have long shelf life. Always go for tart- and thick skinned apples because they remain fresh for long time.


  • Contact with other rotten apples: If you wish to store an apple right away then you ensure that apples are being taken care very well. Each apple should be wrapped in a newspaper and stacked neatly. Avoid wrapping the apples in newspapers because the printed material is always poisonous. The paper prevents the contact between apples thus helping you to store an apple with much precision. While wrapping a apple don’t forget to twist the sides of the paper because it helps apple to remain secured. The paper should not be twisted very brutally otherwise there all chances of the apples getting teared up.


  • Incorrect Storage Method: Most of the time incorrect storage method triggers the spoiling process. It is not advisable to store an apple after washing because moisture initiates the spoiling process.  People nurse wrong perception that refrigeration is the best way to store an apple. It is utter foolishness because freezing ruptures the apple cells and encourage them to develop bruises. Another reason is that the apples are stored in refrigerator with other vegetables especially potato because it releases a slow gas which fastens up the decaying process in apples. It is always advisable to use cardboard box to store an apple or apples.  The wrapped apples should be added to the airtight cardboard box. The cardboard box should be designed so as to allow little air.


Now , you might agree with us that it is very easy to store an apple than throwing it away.


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How To Store An Apple And Enjoy The Juiciness For Long