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How To Keep Mushroom Fresh

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how to keep mushroom freshHow to keep mushroom fresh for a longer period of time? At home, the best way to keep mushroom fresh is to refrigerate them. Mushrooms keep fresh at low temperature. Hence, do not forget to adjust refrigerator temperature.


Keep Mushroom Fresh in Refrigerator

Though mushrooms are notorious for getting spoiled quickly, a few careful steps can go a long way in keeping mushroom fresh for longer duration.


  1. Buy good mushrooms. Choose closed mushrooms against open and flat.

  2. Adjust refrigerator temperature to 34 to 40 degrees F.

  3. Procure brown paper bags to store mushrooms in since these do not allow accumulation of moisture and thereby spoilage of mushrooms.

  4. Remove mushroom from store packaging.

  5. Place in brown paper bags.

  6. Keep bag of mushrooms in refrigerator.

  7. Ensure that mushrooms are kept in the refrigerator in a place where it is not going to be disturbed often and is away from the light inside.

  8. Whenever required, take necessary mushrooms, clean and use.


The mushrooms can be kept fresh in refrigerator by wrapping them in paper towels too. The store bought mushrooms are removed from package and each one is wrapped in paper towel in such a manner that no two mushrooms should touch each other. Lay layers of paper between layers of mushrooms. Place the wrapped mushrooms in fresh green bag and place in refrigerator. Keeping mushroom fresh this way increases their shelf life up to days.


Sometimes mushrooms come wrapped in plastic. These also can be placed directly into refrigerator at home. Just remember to make holes in the plastic cover. The perforations would allow circulation of air and keep mushroom fresh for 4 to 5 days.


Tips to Keep Mushroom Fresh


  • Do not wash mushrooms prior to storing since water can initiate growth of mold.

  • Buy fresh and young mushrooms.

  • Mushrooms do not last long in room temperature.


Keep mushroom fresh for long period of time an enjoy its many health benefits regularly.


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How To Keep Mushroom Fresh