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How To Preserve Meat?

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Are you wondering how to preserve meat before the alarms for not consuming meat goes on during the flu season, then here are ways to preserve meat for the rest of the season before the flu virus raises its nasty head...




Tips To Preserve Meat

Freezing, salting, pickling, smoking and drying are some of the ways that you can use to preserve meat. 


1. Freezing: 

This has been the best option and has widely used by many to preserve meat. By following some simple tips, you could get great results for preserving meat. Clean and preserve the meat in the freezer. If you are going to leave them in the freezer for more than a week, then  remove the excess fat, rinse well (adding turmeric powder to the rinsing water helps extend the shelf life of meat), and drain well to wrap in fresh piece of aluminium foil.


2. Salted Meat:

Rubbing salt to the meat is one of the best ways to preserve meat. Cut the meat into pieces or blocks, rub the coarse salt into each block, pack them into a barrel of a keg, and place the meat blocks with salt being the filling between the blocks. This way your meat is preserved well and when in need, wash the meat pieces very well in running water, and use lesser salt as per your needs.


3. Meat Pickles:

Store in vinegar or in other acidic solutions, which will prevent the bacteria and will preserve the meat for a long time. This is first done by marinating the meat in the brine or vinegar and then storing them in the fresh solution of the same proportion of vinegar or brine over a longer period. Herbs and spices are added to such brine preserved meat to give a flavor.


4. Smoking:

This is the common method for preserving the meat that was devised by the hunter gatherers, and is the best method opted even today while you go out for camping or hunting. When you prepare fire in a closed are then there will be lot of smoke than fire, which is best made used on the meat so that it kills all the degrading bacteria and makes a hard outer layer preventing the entry of the degrading bacteria into the meat. This meat will lastover a week or so depending on your smoking skills.


5. Drying:

This is the best way to package your meat, of which using the sun dryer or related electric or other drying equipments aid in drying the meat that are cut into smaller strips after trimming off the fat, which will preserve the meat for many months if done properly.


Now that you know how to preserve meat you could sure do good with some of our great meat recipes so do follow the link. 


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How To Preserve Meat?