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How To Keep Celery Fresh

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 keep celery freshHow to keep celery fresh and sustain its freshness for longer periods of time? The question baffles many since celery rots fast due to its high water content. Most of the times, the celery stored in the refrigerator goes limp and the leaves crumple. Read on for some simple ways to keep celery fresh at home.

Keep Celery Fresh by Refrigeration

Celery is stored fresh in refrigerators even in markets. Hence keeping celery fresh for long periods of time would definitely include refrigeration. There are three different ways to store celery in the refrigerator with separate shelf life for each method. Let us peruse them:

Keeping Celery Fresh Using Aluminum Foil

  1. Remove plastic cover, bands etc that were used to wrap and bind celery together in market.

  2. Take a sheet of aluminum foil large enough to cover the celery completely.

  3. Place celery on foil and wrap to cover.

  4. Crimp the ends of foil together.

  5. Place the wrapped celery in zip-lock bags and seal.

  6. Place in refrigerator.

  7. Celery keeps fresh for a month when stored using this method.

Keep Celery Fresh in Pitchers

  1. Take a study tall dish, pitcher or tall containers.

  2. Pour ½ '' to 1'' of water at the bottom.

  3. Remove wrapping of store bought celery.

  4. Trim ½ '' of the base so that the stalks can absorb water when placed in tall container.

  5. Place celery stalk down, upright in the container. The cut ends of stalk should be submerged in water.

  6. Make space in refrigerator for the tall container.

  7. Place celery in container in the refrigerator.

  8. Check water daily and replenish when required.

  9. Celery keeps fresh for 2 to 3 weeks when stored in this manner.

Tips to Keep Celery Fresh

  • Do not wash celery prior to storing in refrigerator since this can cause quicker rotting of celery. Hence, wash at the time of using only.

  • Celery is very high in sodium and people with high blood pressure should exercise caution while consuming celery in excess.

  • Celery can be added raw to salads, dips and incorporated in a variety of dishes.


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How To Keep Celery Fresh