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How To Can Pork?

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canning pork

Stop all your searches henceforth as this guide on ‘How To Can Pork’ will present you with ways of canning pig meat in an easy and understandable manner.

Directions before canning pork

Canning is a preservation method in which foods are processed under heat in a pressure canner or boiling water bath to destroy spoilage organisms. Pork is a low acid food, hence, it must be processed in a pressure canner method of canning. But before we start canning pork, it is recommended to follow the necessary directions.

  1. Check the pressure canner and pressure gauge to find whether it is safe enough to reuse for canning. You need not have to test the weighted gauge.
  2. Replace the gasket, if it nicked.
  3. Discard cracked or nicked jars and buy new ones. Make sure you have sufficient jars before you start canning. If canning pork, it is recommended to use wide-mouthed and straight-side jars quart or pint Mason jars, especially designed for home canning.
  4. Check lids and replace if they are rusted as it may break the seal during the canning. You can use non-rusted old screw bands instead.
  5. Sanitize all cutting surfaces and keep ready all canning utensils like jar lifter, lid wand, clean cloths, sharpened knives, flat rubber spatula, hot pads, cutting boards and clocks before you start canning pork.

Pre-preparation of Pork

  • Keep meat cool

If produced at home, chill the pork to 40 degrees F immediately after slaughter and prevent it from spoilage. This will also allow it to tenderize. If you are not planning to can immediately, freeze it at 0 degrees F and warm it slowly in the refrigerator. It is recommended not to hold meat more than three days after slaughtering it.

  • Cut pork into parts

Cut the meat into strips, chunks, cubes, slices, chops and large pieces as per your needs. Remove bones, trim off gristle and fat from meat. This is important because fat can rise to the jar’s top during processing and can break the sealing. It is recommended to process meat as soon as they are packed in jars.

How to can pork: Method 1

Hot Pack Process

  1. Pick chilled meat and 1 part high-quality pork fat to 4 parts venison and grind them nicely to make sausage. Season the sausage with cayenne pepper and salt and shape it into small balls or patties. Cut it into 3-4 inch thick sizes.
  2. Cook these pieces until they turn slightly brown and remove extra fat. You can saute ground meat without shaping it.
  3. Place these pieces in the jars and add a teaspoon of salt with meat drippings, boiling broth and tomato juice in it, leaving one-inch space. Adjust its lids and process.

How to can pork: Method 2

Raw Pack Process

  1. Pick fresh meat and precook it through roasting, stewing or browning methods.
  2. Remove extra fat after cooking and Pour raw meat pieces into the jar and add a teaspoon of salt per quart in the jars.
  3. Wipe the jar’s mouth with a clean cloth and cover it with lids. Process it. Do not add any sort of liquid under raw pack method of canning pork.


If pork is filled in pints, process for 75 minutes each in Weighted Gauge Pressure Canner and Dial Gauge Pressure Canner. If pork is filled in quart jars, process at 90 minutes each in Weighted Gauge Pressure Canner and Dial Gauge Pressure Canner.

It is perfectly safe to remove salt from canned products like pork, if you like, as it is only added for flavor and is not necessary for safe processing. Now that you know how to can pork, won't it be simpler to fill your refrigerators with a year's stock.

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How To Can Pork?