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How To Preserve Basil

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preserve basil

Before you get to know how to preserve basil, I am sure that you will be aware that you need to store them for future use. You will find one thing in common that the basil leaves are best preserved with the aroma intact if only the leaves are preserved.

Some of the various ways to preserve basil are discussed here:


1. Drying

Hang small bunches of basil in a well ventilated area out of reach for the sun as sun can volatilize some aromatic oils. Dry them until that leaves are crispy and could be crushed to powder. Then slowly remove only the leaves without breaking them, and store in jars or packages, labeled well, which could be opened when in need and crushed before use. Drying makes basil to lose some flavor and therefore is good to use dry basil that are made at home or from the farmers, which are not crushed until you open them for use.

2. Freezing

This is a pretty interesting way to preserve the basil leaves, where you will grind the basil leaves using drinking water and freeze them on the freezer trays and remove the basil cubes and put them in to a freezer bag and use one by one when you are in need and cook them by grabbing each cube or cubes as per your requirements and use them directly or melt before use.

3. Pickling

a. Olive oil and basil leaves

This method will require caution for preparation, use thoroughly washed and well cut basil leaves. Warm the olive oil and use them to store basil leaves just before the temperature is cool enough to pour them into sterile jars and store them carefully with no water contact.

b. Sea salt

This is a very easy way to preserve basil leaves and add aroma to the sea salt as well. Spread on a tray the sea salt, and layer on top with basil leaves one by one without overlapping, follows this by another layer of sea salt and basil leaves, and refrigerate until use when required.

c. Vinegar

This is the only method where you will use the basil as 3” sprigs with the stem, which is topped by warm vinegar and stored in the sterile jar until use.

Enjoy the good effects of this herb now that you know how to preserve basil.

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How To Preserve Basil