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How To Preserve Sauces

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preserving sauces

Sauces are spicy addition to savory dishes and by learning how to preserve sauces one can have access to a variety of sauces in the kitchen pantry. Simply keeping a variety of sauces handy is not enough; one should also have the knowledge on how to preserve sauces so that they can be used when a recipe calls for it.

Although preserving sauce is a technique is mostly recommended for homemade sauce, applying the same technique can extend the life of store bought sauces as well.

Things you will need

1. Glass bottles or jars

2. Oven or sterilizer or stove

3. A pair of tongs

So, here are the basics for how to preserve sauces because this technique of preserving sauces can be applied to all kinds of sauces.

  1. Look for glass bottles that don’t have chips. They should have a tight lid, preferably 2 piece lids. These are ideal.
  2. Wash the bottles and the lids with soap and water. Rinse well.
  3. Sterilize the bottles by heating in oven at 175 degrees for 25 minutes or one can use a sterilizer. If none of these are available, sterilizing by boiling the bottles and lids in water for 15 minutes is also a perfect way.
  4. Since you would need a pair of tongs for handling the preserving process, sterilizing a tong is highly recommended.
  5. Use sterilized tongs for handling bottles and lids.
  6. Pour the sauce into the bottle, fill it only till its shoulders and keep some space for expansion.
  7. Place the rubber lid first and then put the metal lid. Seal tightly.

Useful Tips for Preserving Sauces

  1. Preserving sauce involves handling hot bottle and sauces, so take extra care while working.
  2. One needs a lot of space for washing, boiling and drying bottles for storing sauce, so keep enough space to avoid mess.

Although this guide on how to preserve sauce looks simple, one has to take utmost care in handling bottles so ensure that the sauce preserving procedure is successful. The slightest of contamination can spoil your sauce.


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How To Preserve Sauces