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How To Preserve Bread

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Bread Preservation

Breads are prone to developing mold quickly especially during summers therefore it is imperative that one learns how to preserve bread. By learning the tips and techniques of preserving bread one can prevent wastage of bread and at the same time enjoy every slice of leftover bread from the home oven.


Here are the different bread preserving techniques applicable for different types of bread.


Preserving Lean & Crusty Bread

Preserving lean & crusty bread for just one day requires wrapping it up in a piece of paper. However, for preserving bread for more than a day requires a plastic or poly bag or wrapper.


  1. Wrap up the crusty lean bread with a poly sheet or poly bag, remove all air from inside and seal tightly to prevent passage of air.
  2. They should then be kept either inside a freezer or in a cool and dark place.
  3. Always preslice the bread loaf before preserving them. This way one can take out as much bread as required without disturbing the rest of the loaf.
  4. Alternatively, make small packs of bread slices to preserve bread.
  5. Defrost the bread by keeping at room temperature. Do not rush to defrost, let it take its own time.


Preserving Soft Bread

Sandwich breads are soft breads that need to be kept away from sunlight.


  1. Slice bread first as thawing will be quicker than thawing a whole loaf. By doing so, one doesn’t need to thaw all the bread to take a few slices only.
  2. After slicing wrap the bread in plastic bag or wrapper.
  3.  Place the wrapped bread inside the freezer or in a cool and dark place.


Preserving bread for bread crumbs

Preserving bread for bread crumbs requires a different technique all together.


  1. Wrap the bread in paper or inside a paper bag.
  2. Let it sit in the freezer for few days and become dry.  


Do’s and Don’ts of Preserving Bread


  1. Always use poly wrap or bag for preserving bread.
  2. Use paper bag for keeping bread only if you want to make bread crumbs.
  3. Always store bread in freezer.
  4. Never keep bread in the refrigerator. It will make the bread dry.
  5. Always cool the bread completely before wrapping and storing.


Now that you know how to preserve bread, you can bake your bread in large quantity and enjoy it over a few days.


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How To Preserve Bread