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How To Keep Basil Fresh

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 keeping basil freshHow to keep basil fresh and ready is not a very daunting task. There are primarily two ways to keep basil fresh. They can either be kept fresh in refrigerator or outside.

Keep Basil Fresh Longer at Room Temperature

Keeping basil fresh at room temperature in by far the best way to preserve its flavor, color and texture.

  1. Take a small jar, bottle, hanging baskets, plastic pails or vase.

  2. Fill bottom with tap water.

  3. Freshly plucked basil stems from gardens can be dipped directly into the water. The stems must be completely covered with water.

  4. If basil has been bought from market, remove packaging, trim the stems and submerge in water in vase.

  5. Place the jars or vases containing basil stems in a cool place away from direct sunlight but in a warm place.

  6. Change water of jars regularly.

Basil keep fresh stored this way for many weeks. The stems would eventually root and can be replanted in garden or in a pot.

Keeping Basil Fresh in Refrigerator

Basil can be kept fresh in refrigerator  too.

  1. Buy fresh basil from market.

  2. Cut the stems off the basil.

  3. Place the basil in large zip lock bags.

  4. Let out the air and close the zip locks.

  5. Place the basil bags in refrigerator.

  6. When required, the leaves can be plucked off.

Tips to Keep Basil Fresh

  • Prepackaged fresh basil will remain fresh in refrigerator for over a week.

  • Basil leaves stored in refrigerator are best used in recipes.

  • Fresh basil stored at room temperature is ideal for garnishing.


Once you know how to keep basil fresh, adding them to the myriad of recipes would impart the characteristic exotic flavor.


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How To Keep Basil Fresh