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How To Keep Fish Fresh

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 keeping fish freshThose of you who like seafood would certainly gain by learning how to keep fish fresh longer at home to be used as and when required. The first and foremost thing to do while planning to preserve the freshness of fish is to clean it as soon as it is caught or bought. Fresh fish is a perishable commodity with a very short shelf period. Fish can be kept fresh, by various refrigeration techniques.

Refrigerate to Keep Fish Fresh

Fish freshly caught or bought from the market can be kept fresh at home by refrigeration.

  1. Clean fish. Remove head, tail and scales.

  2. Wash fish in cold water.

  3. Pat dry with paper towel.

  4. Wrap gently in aluminum foil or plastic wraps.

  5. Place in coldest part of refrigerator.

This method is ideal to keep fish fresh for up to 2 days. Smaller and fatty fishes tend to lose their freshness faster than larger and leaner fishes when kept fresh by refrigeration.

Keep Fish Fresh By Freezing Them

Keep fish fresh for longer period by freezing them. Fishes would remain fresh for over 3 months when frozen. Fishes tend to go stale when in contact with air. Avoid this by freezing fish as soon as caught.

  1. Clean fish and wash them well.

  2. Dry fish with paper towel or clean cloth.

  3. Wrap in aluminum foil and freezer paper.

Fish keep fresh when frozen in a solid block of ice too

  1. Clean and wash fish.

  2. Place fish in refrigerator container.

  3. Pour water to cover fish.

  4. Place in freezer.

Keeping Fish Fresh by Icing

Fresh fish is best transported iced.

  1. Clean fish.

  2. Place fish on layers of ice in an insulated cooler.

  3. Cover the layers of fish with ice layers.

  4. Leave drain plug open to allow ice water to drain off.

Tips to Keep Fish Fresh

  • Buy fresh fish from fishmonger. Fresh fish smell briny, would have bright red gills, firm flesh and alive looking eyes.

  • Fish remain fresh only for 2 days after which they have to be eaten frozen.

  • Oily fish like bluefish and mackerels should be stored in coldest part of refrigerator and used before freezing.

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    How To Keep Fish Fresh