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How To Store Brown Sugar?

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Storing Brown Sugar

It is impportant to learn how to store brown sugar  as it turns hard as rock if not preserved decently. To store brown sugar for longer duration, you must know some simple and effective tips and techniques, which will make you one step ahead in becoming a domestic chef.

Reason behind Rocky Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is made from white refined sugar and lump sum amount of molasses (byproduct of sugar production). It is generally more moisturized than white sugar, thanks to molasses being its base ingredient. When you buy those fresh brown sugar packs, you always find it loose, little mushy but quite flavor. The flavor and color is gained from molasses. When stored in air loose containers or kept unzipped, it contacts the air and gives up its all moisture; the result is moisture less, hard rock like texture.

How to revive the hardened brown sugar

Some of the techniques do exist for getting back your already hardened brown sugar.

  • In case your brown sugar is no more in condition to be scooped out, in lieu of beating it with tenderizer, keep it in microwave for five whole minutes. You may need to follow this quick fix technique for goon interval of times. Eventually, you find the powdery consistency of brown sugar to be used again.
  • Another best way to keep your purchased sugar fresh is to add some terracotta disks into the powder. Terracotta disk are made out of clay and is easily available in market. You need to soak it in chilled water before using it for the purpose.
  • Here comes one of the easiest methods, you can add some cut slices of apple, lemon, oranges, or pear to the storing container and then add your brown sugar. Make sure to cap it with air tight lid. You will get back your dehydrated brown sugar powder in about eight hours.
  • Add some bread slices to it and store it for some days.
  • Put brown sugar in plastic zipped bags and keep it in freezer for some time. Revived brown sugar is back to be used.

Now that you are familiar with the new techniques on how to store brown sugar, you can pass on these tricks to your kith and kinds.

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How To Store Brown Sugar?