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How To Can Meat

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 canning meatKnowing how to can meat can open for you a world full of possibilities to store meat. Home canned meat is way above than the processed meat available in the super markets and is rich in nutrition and texture. All you need to be careful while canning meat at home is in regard to the preparation and treatment.

The Best Way To Can Meat

 Keep the utensils ready

 Assemble the vessels and equipment and wash them with soapy water. Rinse well and pat dry and keep aside for use. Keep the pressure cooker ready, check the pressure gauge and clean well the petcock and safety valve. If the pressure canner is not working properly, it can lead to incorrect processing and may not be sufficient to kill the bacteria and botulinum. Check the jars for nicks and cracks. Clean them well and soak in hot water till used. Keep the temperature adjusted so that the bottles don't break. Avoid using one trip jars available for readymade mayonnaise, peanut butter and likes.


Clean the meat

Preparing the meat is essential, so is maintaining hygiene. Cut meat in slabs and strips across the grain, accurate to fit the jar. Trim and remove gristles and fat. Don't let meat stand in water for long. With a damp towel soak the excess moisture and discard the bones.


Clean meat

Cook the meat

The meat should be canned only after it has been cooked well. Roasting and browning the meat in a heavy frying pan with little dripping or pan cooking is advisable. You can follow any other tactics from your trusted recipe guide. Pack the meat in jars and keep ¾ inch left at the top. You can add some salt in the jars but not water.

 Important measures on how to can

Let stand the jars in the pressure canner for 10 minutes after being cooked. While removing the jars keep them at some distance from each other and on wire racks. Check the sealing once again after removing from canner and repack if any leakage or break is seen. Cool the meat before canning. After being transferred to the containers, allow it to cool for 12- 24hrs. It should then be kept in a cool and dry place.  


Always heat before serving

Canned meat should be cooked at high temperature for 15-20 minutes before consumed.

Learning how to can meat can help you properly store variety of perishable items like meat, beef, pork, chicken, etc. Canning meat can save up money and as well be a quick fix for any hurried meals. 


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How To Can Meat