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How To Keep Banana Fresh

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how to keep banana freshKnowing how to keep banana fresh would go a long way in helping you enjoy this delicious fruit for longer time. Bananas ripen faster in summer than in winter since heat hastens the ripening process. Nevertheless, there are some simple ways to keep bananas fresh.







Keep Banana Fresh at Room Temperature (75 degrees F)


For keeping bananas fresh at room temperature, buy fresh and only 'nearly yellow' bananas. The ends can be green but make sure there are no blemishes on the skin. Such bananas can be stored for over a week if you follow these steps:

  1. Buy fresh and just ripe bananas.

  2. Hang them on a hanger or keep them in a fruit bowl that allows air to circulate through the bowl.

  3. Place the hanger or the fruit bowl away from sunlight and high heat.


Keep Banana Fresh By Refrigeration


If the bananas are well ripe keeping bananas in refrigerator will increase their shelf life up to 4 days. For keeping the bananas fresh in a refrigerator follow these steps:

  1. Take ripe yellow bananas.

  2. Place them in zip lock refrigerator fruit bags.

  3. Keep them in refrigerator.

  4. Adjust temperature of refrigerator to 37 degrees F.

  5. Consume refrigerated bananas within 4 days.


Tips to keep half eaten banana fresh


Half eaten bananas cannot be stored at room temperature for more that few hours. However, such bananas can be kept fresh by refrigerating them.

  1. Wrap the half eaten end of the banana in the banana peel.

  2. Place the fruit in a plastic bag.

  3. Seal the bag and refrigerate.


Tips for Keeping Bananas Fresh and Ripe


  • If you end up buying not very ripe bananas, you can hasten the ripening process by placing them in a paper bag for a day or two.

  • Make sure that the stem of the bananas are intact when you buy them since bananas without the stem can decay before they ripen.


Follow these instructions and tips to enjoy fresh bananas for longer period of time. Watch some more tips on how to keep banana fresh here.


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How To Keep Banana Fresh