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How To Can Rice

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canning rice

Ever wondered you can can-up some rice like other foods and take it for lunch at work like other ready-made meals? Let’s learn ‘How To Can Rice’ with these easy tips.

What is canning and why is it important?

Canning, as we know, is a way of preserving food for longer life. In this process, the contents of the food are placed in an airtight container and then exposed to heat with the aim to destroy enzymes that can cause food spoilage. The heating process drives out the air from the jar and when it cools, it forms a vacuum seal, which prevents air with microorganisms from coming back into the jar.

Principles of canning

Raw rice need not be canned as any variety of this grain can last for more than five to six months. It is semi-boiled rice that requires canning.

Pre-preparation of Rice

  • Take two cups of rice and double the amount of water in a pan and add a pinch of salt into it.
  • Heat the pan with its ingredients without overcooking rice.
  • Remove from heat and let it cool on its own.
  • It is not recommended to pressure cook rice, as it will overcook it.

How to can rice?

There can be two different ways of canning rice depending on its acidic value. White rice are high in pH levels while brown rice are slightly less acidic.

Pressure canner method

Pressure canner method is considered safe for canning low acidic foods. Hence, use this method when you want to can brown rice. In this method, food jars are placed in a special pressure cooker under 2-3 inches of water. Then it is heated to at least 240 degree F temperature, which can be attained only through this method. This process is done to kill a microorganism called Clostridium botulinum, which can otherwise withstand even in boiling temperatures.

Boiling water bath method

Use boiling water bath method to preserve white rice, which is considered as high acidic food. In this method, jars containing food are placed under water and then boiled it at 212°F for a specific amount of time.

Equipment for canning

Pressure Canner

Pressure canner is used to can high acidic foods because it is the only equipment through which one can reach 240 degrees temperature, which is necessary to kill certain type of bacteria before preserving foods. Pressure canner comes in different sizes. A large canner, for instance, can fit up to 16 jars in one go.

Canning Jars

Different from ordinary airtight containers, canning jars, are specially made for canning so that it can be reused for several years without breaking down during the canning process. They come in different sizes – the smallest is available in 8oz. Each box of jars contain a pack of 12 and each jar has a two-piece lid. A 500ml jar is good enough for canning rice.

Water bath canner

Use a large water bath canner, which can completely immerse jars covering the top of the lids into 1 to 2 inches of water. Use the metallic rack inside the jar to keep them off the bottom of the pot.


Avoid freezing canned jars in extremely cold storage. Simply wrap them with newspaper, place inside cardboard boxes and cover it with blanket, if necessary. Try these homemade rice cans and enjoy your lunch.

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How To Can Rice