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How To Can Turkey

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 canning turkeyTurkey canning is a simple process and learning how to can turkey would keep your pantry equipped with the ingredient ready to be used whenever required.  Turkey canned at home has a wonderful flavor and is of better quality than store bought ones. Home canned turkey is a favorite with those who have tried to can turkey at home.

Equipment Required for Canning Turkey

All that is required, while planning to can turkey at home is a good pressure canner and some glass jars. The glass canning jars come in sizes of pint and quart. The jars have rims and lids that seal the food well during canning process. A pressure canner would ensure correct temperature, pressure and time required for effective canning of turkey.

Canning Turkey at Home

While planning to can turkey at home, choose only freshly killed and dressed healthy turkeys. Dressed turkeys would have to be chilled or refrigerated for about 6 to 12 hours before canning them. Once refrigerated, the turkey should be cleaned, excess fat should be removed. Turkey can be canned raw as well as precooked.

Turkey can be steamed, baked or boiled until almost 2/3 done. Then add in 1 teaspoon of salt per quart sized jar to be filled in. Add hot broth along with pieces of cooked turkey into the jars and leave around 1 to 1 ¼ inch space on top while packing in the bird. While canning raw turkey, cut the meat away from the bone and cube it as desired and fill in the jars. There is no need to add any liquid here but the head space is mandatory.

Turkey can be canned in broth too. For this, the carcass of the bird is placed in a stockpot and covered with water. The water is boiled and simmered for over 30 minutes. The meat can be easily stripped off now. The bones are removed and the broth cooled. The fat is removed from meat and meat returned to broth. The pot is again boiled. Jars are filled with meat and broth leaving 1 inch head space.

The cans have to be sealed with sterilized rings and lids  and then placed inside pressure canner. The pressure, temperature and time required has to be adjusted according to the canner's instruction manual as well as the altitude. Turkey is best canned using pressure canner and other methods like steam and water canning is not safe enough since the temperature cannot be controlled. Once the turkey is canned, the canner should be allowed to cool down while pressure reduces. The cans should be left to cool overnight and then checked for leakages. The jars that have not been canned and sealed properly should be used immediately or else refrigerated and canning process repeated within 24 hours.

Canning is one of the most preferred food preservation techniques used world wide. The ease of canning at home ensures a more healthier ingredient and easy availability too. Can turkey at home and enjoy many recipes with this ever so delicious ingredient.


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How To Can Turkey