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How To Can Chicken

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Canning chicken

How to can chicken? Many of us would look bedazzled if thrown a question as such. The art of canning and storing is known to very few. However, canning chicken isn't as difficult as it sounds. You can now very easily master the art in few simple steps.

Getting Ready To Can

Chicken being a very prime component in non vegetarian cooking, it forms an essential part in adding flavor, taste and also nutritional value to the food. It can spark up soups, salads, curries and soup. Canned chicken can be kept ready instantly for any of the dishes. Try it once and you would just love to use it again and again. Preserved chicken tastes wonderful, is moist in texture and is utmost convenient to cook a quick meal.

 Follow the instructions

 Step 1. Buy chicken breast with bone but preferably without skin. Chill the meat before canning.

 Step 2. You don't need to sterilize the jars, but make sure you wash jars and lids properly. Use jars which can seal the content tightly so check out for any chips.

 Step 3. Take out the pressure canner and add two quarts of water. The rack should be placed at the bottom of the pressure canner.

 Step 4. Take chicken out of refrigerator. Wash meat thoroughly, removing the skin and fat. Use only lean meat and discard any visible fat.

 Step 5. Heat water in saucepan. Simultaneously turn on stove in medium and place pressure canner on it.  

 Step 6. In a large pan arrange the chicken pieces and add water. Cook till it is tender. Keep aside for few minutes but keep the meat hot.

 Step 7. With a fork take the pieces out quickly and cut into sizes that will fit the jar. All pieces may not be of the same size. Fill the jar with pieces but make sure it's not too cramped of space. Spare one inch head space.

 Step 8. Add half a teaspoon salt to it.

 Step 9. Fill each jar with boiling water.

 Step 10. Wipe away meat or broth so that the jars seal properly. Put the lids and seal tightly.

 Step 11. Place jars in pressure cooker but make sure it doesn't touch the sides.

 Step 12. Put the lid and let it vent for 10 minutes.

 Step 13. Place the vent cover and pressure cook. Adjust heat not to undercook or overcook the meat.


can Chicken  Step 14. Cook for 75 minutes and let the pressure decrease.

 Step 15. Remove the jars and cool. Clean with a cloth and set aside.

 Step 16. Before using make sure to boil it for 10 minutes. Discard if the content has fowl smell.

 Now that you have learnt how to can chicken, start canning chicken at home and use them as per convenience and make every meal a delightful one.


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How To Can Chicken