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How To Keep Strawberries From Going Bad?

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The thought of strawberries instantly taKeep Strawberries Freshkes you to the grocery shop and let you buy a good chunk of this delectable fruit. Strawberries are best bought fresh and the fans of strawberries must know various methods of keeping the hearty fruit fresh for weeks. Strawberries are one of those delicious fruity treat which you begin to relish in early spring time. Heavily laden with iron, phosphorus, minerals and zinc, they are great nutritious feast to your body and mind. The red berries as strawberries are called become a tempting fruit, once it is ripe and plum. However due to retention of moisture on its surface naturally, and loads of minerals in its core, bacteria and molds are another great lover of this fruit! Strawberries are quite easily attacked by mold, so you are required to keep strawberries from going bad in non messy and convenient way. Here we bring you some of the simple yet effective tips to be followed for keeping strawberries fresh.


Keeping Strawberries Fresh

Some of the ways you can practice while storing your just now bought red berries are as follows.

  • One of the time tested trick is to put your strawberries in a large glass mason jar completely unwashed. Make sure to airtight the container and there must not be any  air leakage inside it. Also don’t wash strawberries until you bring them to use. The reason behind this principle is that air tightness does not allow the berries to use oxygen and thus they cannot respirate. No respiration means no aging or withering of the food stuffs. So this is how this trick works.
  • Next big step while buying strawberries can be to purchase them from local vendors, or those grocery shops which have fresh lot of food items. During purchase, handpick those berries which are more bright red in appearance and plum in texture. Eschew those berries which have developed scars or bacterial spots, they may ruin your refrigerator in no time!
  • You must always buy those berries which have green stem cap on top of them. Green cap helps in keeping berries fresh and prevent any kind of water destruction. Also never wash your strawberries and then store them, this is the major reason of making your strawberries unhealthy for eating, store them always unwashed.
  • Next approach should be cut down any moldy growth on even a bit of the berry part. If left undone, mold will destroy whole chunk of fruit and also vegetate other foods kept along with it.
  • At last your strawberries are supposed to be stored and nestled. So make layers of paper towels and place strawberries upon them, cover one layer again with paper towels and again place next lot of berries. Pack the whole of them in one big jar and store them in refrigerator.


The rewards you reap are nibbling on fresh strawberries for weeks to come. Also you can be mentor for others in giving them this super advice on strawberries keeping fresh.

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How To Keep Strawberries From Going Bad?