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How To Store Food In Plastic Bottles

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Storing Food In Plastic ContainersThe topic of how to store food in plastic bottles seems very trivial, but the importance of storing perfectly has its own values. Imagine that your favorite cereal has been attacked by pests or the ckickpea the you were planning to use in hummus has rotten thanks to germs.  It is a nightmare when food, especially dry food, is not available readily.  The whole task of visitng the supermarket is too tedious.  Thus, you need something to store the dry food.  For that you can store food in plastic bottles.  Plastic bottles are readily available in the market.  However, you need to chose the ones which have the right amount of thickness of plastic, clear plastic, stable base, and tight lid.  Preferably buy plastic bottles with lids that have a silicon ring on the inside, which makes it air-tight.  These are few tips that you can look to for storing food in plastic bottles.


How To Store Food In Plastic Bottles


These are few simple and easy steps that you can follow when using plastic bottles for storage purposes:


1. To store food in plastic bottles you need to ensure that the bottles do not have any smell.  If you are suspicous about that, please wash and dry the bottles near your window or an open area.  You can expose plastic bottles to sunlight, but for only 15 minutes.  That amounf of time is sufficient enough to leave the bottle smelling fresh.  


2. Now, take the dry food and fill into the plastic bottles.  


3. Each bottle will have a different dry food like spice, lentils, dry fruits, rice, flour, sugar, or coffee..etc.


4. Create stickers with the name of the dry food in that plastic bottle and stick it on that bottle.


5. Once that is done close the bottles tightly and place in a cool area, which can be the kitchen surface or cupboard.  


Storing Culinary Ingredients In Plastic Bottle


Apart from storing dry food, you can also store cookies, candies, waffers, mini-pretzels, or popcorns in air-tight plastic bottles.  If you are disappointed that a certain fish or herb will not be available in another season then do not fret because you can store those in the plastic bottles.  Chec out these steps.


1. For storing food in plastic bottles you need to first dry the herbs by leaving the sunlight for a day or by baking in the oven for 10 minutes.  


2. Once the herbs are completely dry, crush and store in the plastic bottle.  


3. As for the fish you can dice or chop it into bite size pieces, wahs thoroughly and pat dry with a kitchen towel.  


4. Place the fish pieces in the plastic bottle.  You need to leave an inch between the brim and the last layer of fish in the plastic bottle.  It is essential to do that as a precaution or else the plastic bottle can crack while it is in the freezer because the fish might expand due to freezing.  


5. Secure the lid tightly and place cling film over the whole plastic bottle to avoid any escape of liquids or smell in the freezer.  You can deep freeze the fish until a year.  


The same process can be repeated with vegetable, chicken, meat, seafood, and fruits.  Except for the fruits please blanch the rest before deep-freezing.


Never transfer the contents of one plastic bottle to another until the second plastic bottle is devoid of any smells.


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How To Store Food In Plastic Bottles