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How To Can Summer Squash

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Summer Squash

Canning summer squash will allow you to use it in a variety of dishes all round the year. These veggie fruits have an average shelf life which can be increased to upto 12 months if you know how to can summer squash. Fret not is you are not aware of the process for here is a simple proces that will help you to preserve your harvest for the entire year... 


Easy tips for canning summer squash

Canning the squash properly can help from keeping it away from food poisoning. Select a gourd which has a shiny, bright colored skin and free of bruises or cracks. 


Things you will need


  • Pressure canner
  • Canning jars
  • Fresh guard


Method of preparing cans summer squash


  • By boiling the canning jars for 10 minutes sterilize them.


  • Remove the jars or leave them in the water until further use.


  • Boil the rims but do not boil the lids. Lids should be washed off in cool running water before use.


  • Prepare the squash as per recipe.


  • Fill the squash into the jar allowing for 1/2 inch head space.


  • Fill the jar with fresh clean water, leaving the required 1/2 inch head space unfilled.


  • Ensure the rims of the jar are clean to avoid any debris keeping the jars from sealing correctly.


  • Place the lid under warm water for the best seal possible.


  • Place the lid on the jar then rest the rim over the lid by turning the rims with just your fingers.


  • DO NOT tighten by applying intense pressure.


  • To fill the pressure canners follow the canner's instructions. This varies from canner to canner.


  • Place the filled jars in the canner and place the lid on the canner.


  • Make sure the lid is closed firmly.


Now that you know how to can squash, do it right away to store it for future use.


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How To Can Summer Squash