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How To Store Goose Fat

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How to Store Goose Fat...many may not really bother with this question, but in my case it wasn't so. You will always find goose fat in my kitchens - I couldn’t do without it! But then storring goose fat is always tricky, if you too love this versatile shortening ans often wonder how to make them last longer then read on....



Goose fat is extremely versatile. With its wealthy, silky texture and subtle, savory flavor, it has rightly become famous in everyone’s kitchen.


Goose fat can be a rich substitute for butter and oil. Canned goose fat is common to be seen in a grocery stores shelf, since it is commonly used in European cuisine.


Tips on storing goose fat:

Things we will need:

  • Cheese cloth
  • Glass jar
  • Freezer bag
  • Plastic storage container
  • Sieve

Method of preparation:

  1. Once the rendered goose fat cool off, use a small sieve to separate the skin from the fat.

  2. Repeat the straining process to increase the purity of the goose fat.

  3. Transfer the strained goose fat into an air tight container.

  4. Cover and refrigerate it for later use.
  5. Refrigerated goose fat lasts for two to three months.

  6. For long-term storage, pour goose fat into a storage bag. Wrap and freeze the goose fat for later use.

Goose fat has long shelf life and can sometime last more than 12 months. This makes it idea for canned food.


Culinary Uses of goose fat:

Making oven chips: Boil the potatoes wedges for 5 minutes and roast them for 30 minutes, turn them a couple of times until crisp and golden.


Frying onions: Heat a little goose fat over a high heat, add the onions and cook over a medium heat until the onions become softer.


Fried bread: Spread goose fat liberally on pieces of bread and put them into a hot frying pan for a coating and roasting them till they turn golden brown.

Toast and dripping: Spread goose fat on rye bread and sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Top with some pickled red cabbage, tomato, fried onions.


Fried eggs and omelets: People who like crispy edge to their fried egg then try frying it in really hot goose fat. This adds rich flavor in Omelets.


Stuffing: Fry chopped onion, celery and garlic in goose fat to soften; this gives an added flavor in the dish.

Roasting poultry: Spread goose fat on the breasts of the bird before roasting it. It helps keep the turkey breast tender.


Goose fat has long shelf life and can add flavor in cooking those delicious roast potatoes.  Store goose fat for your culinary use. For more recipes on goose fat, visit


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How To Store Goose Fat