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How To Store Angel Food Cake?

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How long can you store Angel Food cake in your pantry or in the store shelves? Well, the foremost thing that you need to remember for storing Angel food cake will include how you are going to buy this from the pantry, is this going to be pantry fresh or frosted from the super market?


Pantry fresh Angel food cake will last long if this does not contain any filling like dairy products or eggs like butter cream, whipped cream or custard fillings. Such unfilled cakes will last for nearly two days at room temperature. Sliced pieces of the remaining cakes also will last for two days at room temperature if you pack them using aluminum foil or plastic wrap. If there are fillings, then use them immediately on purchase and the remaining has to refrigerated with aluminum foil packing or frozen at 0° C, with relevant freezing zipper bags of the aluminum foil packed pieces of the cakes. Even a plastic wrap will help you to keep the cake good at room temperature for two days.


If you are thinking of extending the shelf life of the angel food cake for another week, then cover with aluminum foil or plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator for one more week, with the cake and the flavor still intact.



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Alternatively, you can do the same packing but more tightly with aluminum foil or plastic freezer wrap, and place in a heavy-duty freezer bag for being frozen for nearly four to six months, and you should be able to store angel food cake indefinitely, if you pack them appropriately and let them be stored in the freezer indefinitely. While, on the other hand, if you are buying frozen Angel food cake, then you need to defrost to use the cake for consumption, and once finished pack the remaining cake using tight aluminum foil and plastic freezer wrap and put them back into the freezer. This is the only way to store Angel food cake, which when purchased as frozen food.


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How To Store Angel Food Cake?