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How To Keep Apples And Bananas From Browning?

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Apples and bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B complex and many other essential nutrients and are also rich in antioxidants that prevents the per oxidation of free radicals, which makes this essential to keep apples and bananas from browning, when you are planning to serve them for your desserts. However, on being cut and peeled these fruits turn brown within minutes and are not as welcoming as you arranged them initially. Here are few tips that will help in curbing the browning of apples and bananas.



Some of the things that you will need to prevent apples and bananas from browning are not expensive for your surprise, and will include a sharp knife, paper towel, lemon or orange juice and pieces, small bowl and paint brush. Follow these tips sequentially to keep your apples and bananas away from browning.

Using a sharp and clean knife, dice apples and bananas to desired sizes, and choose the best of the all the pieces you want into one big bowl of fruits, apples and bananas. Spread the apple and banana pieces onto a plain sheet of paper towel and place another piece of paper towel aside next to the towel where you have placed the fruits. This is important that the paper towels are stronger to hold the fruits and do not crumble. Pour a quarter cup of lemon juice or orange juice into a small bowl, and spread the second sheet of paper towel, and then using the paint brush, dab evenly on all sides of each of the pieces of the fruits with this mixture or lemon and orange juice, and place on the second paper sheet.

Now is the time to serve using these dabbed fresh pieces, which will not turn brown. Some of the other suggestions will include, you to cut every time in small numbers and dab them with the solution and cut as you finish. A helping hand will be well appreciated at this instance. You can serve these apples and bananas as you will like, for you have kept apples and bananas from turning brown, placing them with the citrus fruits and berries will make them look fresh and tempting.

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How To Keep Apples And Bananas From Browning?