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How To Soften Brown Sugar Which Has Become Hard

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Soften brown sugarThere are various methods to soften brown sugar which often becomes hard if not stored properly. But before knowing the process of softening brown sugar we should know why it gets harden and how to avoid it. Brown sugar has high content of molasses as compared to white sugar. High molasses content is the reason behind its dark color, and strong caramel taste. In addition, it also adds moisture and imparts softness to the brown sugar. This moisture when gets evaporated, makes the brown sugar hard and useless. To avoid this hardening, one should store the brown sugar in an airtight container. It can also be stored in re-sealable plastic bag which can be twisted tightly. However, if you have not done so and your brown sugar has turned hard, try any of the following tips to restore its softness.



  • Keep few apple slices or a fresh bread slice in the brown sugar container and leave it for few days. The brown sugar will get soften as the apple or bread, restores the moisture into it.


  • Another great option to soften brown sugar is heating it in a microwave. Keep a cup of brown sugar and a cup of water together in a microwave on high for 3 minutes, the brown sugar will become soft. But this process is temporary as unused sugar will become hard again. So, you have to repeat the process every time for softening brown sugar.


  • You can also heat the brown sugar in a microwave at an interval of 30 seconds till it gets soft. In this method, make sure that the brown sugar is not overheated otherwise it would melt.


  • Sprinkling few drops of water over the hardened brown sugar, works wonder in softening brown sugar. Keep the brown sugar in an open container or a plastic bag and cover it with a moistened towel for few days. The sugar will regain its softness.


  • You can also use terra cotta disc in softening brown sugar. Soak the disc for 15 minutes, pat dry it and keep it in the brown sugar container. It will restore the moisture into the sugar and brown sugar will remain soft for about 3 months, after which you can re-soak the disc and repeat the process.


  • If you require a small amount of brown sugar, you can soften it by grating it into small granules. You can also use blender or a food processor to grate it into small chunks and use it immediately in your recipe.


  • Placing an orange peel in a brown sugar container also turns the hard mass of it into soft usable sugar.


  • Brown sugar packed in a waterproof plastic bag and kept in a bowl of warm water, immediately gets soft.



The abovementioned tricks to soften brown sugar are very easy and effective. Try them and make your cooking easy and comfortable.


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How To Soften Brown Sugar Which Has Become Hard