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How To Freeze A Herb Paste

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HerbWhen I was given this topic to write about “How to freeze a herb paste”, first thing which came to mind was, why do we need to freeze a herb paste?



Herbs plays a vital role in everyone’s kitchen. Herbs and spices are used for flavoring of foods as well as their incredible aroma.


Looking for more answers, I started researching on Herbs and found out few details.


Tips on freezing Herb paste:

Herbs are the common commodity which can be found in kitchen cabinets.  We use this in preparing special dishes, to get that perfect culinary taste. By freezing a herb paste, we save on time and it helps in quick cooking.


  1. Harvest the herb of your choice in the backyard of your house.

  2. Wash the herb thoroughly in running water, to remove any dirt.

  3. Lay on paper towels and pat to dry.

  4. Separate the herbs from any lose woody stems. The fine connecting stems can be left intact.

  5. Put your herbs in a food processor and process until a paste is formed. Make sure to add canola oil, to every cup of fresh herb.

  6. Store the herb paste in a clean freezer safe container and put immediately into your freezer.


History of Herbs:


The history of herbs and herbal remedies in India dates back to 3000 BC.

Herbs were used in the following ways:


  • In cooking to flavor foods
  • As perfumes
  • As disinfectants
  • As medicines , etc, etc

In ancient times, herbs were often used to help preserve meat as well as covering the decomposing taste of meals that couldn't be refrigerated.


Herbs paired with food:


Tips on matching food with the spices:


  • Rosemary goes well with Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Beans, stuffing, pasta and potatoes.


  • Thyme can be paired with any meat, eggs, soups, stews and tomatoes.


  • Basil can be paired with anything tomato.


  • Oregano works perfect in your noodles or soups


  • Chives go well with eggs, soups, salads, potatoes, sour cream, cream cheese and sauces.


  • Ginger root works great with chicken and in most Chinese stir fry type dishes. This is a common ingredient in everyday’s cooking.



Nutritional Value in Herbs:


Herbs in your daily diet can make a big difference to your dietary health.



Medicinal Value in Herbs:

  • Remedies for illnesses
  • Some herbs are used preservation purpose.
  • Herbs are also used to dye homespun fabrics.
  • It believed that artemisia juices protect from the cold.
  • Marjoram and parsley are used for stomach ailments.
  • Rosemary is known for its tranquilizing effects and as a cure-all for headaches.

Freeze a herb paste to retain the intense taste that drying takes away.  For busy working people, freezing a herb paste and using it in everyday’s culinary is far more easier than getting the fresh herbs and making a paste then.  For more information on Herbs, visit


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How To Freeze A Herb Paste