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How To Freeze Concentrated Vinegar

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When you freeze vinegar at 28 degree Fahrenheit, the liquid freezes. It is essential to know freezing point while you store vinegar. People freeze concentrated vinegar to use it later, vinegar is used for many purposes starting from cooking to cleaning.  Here you can find uses and instructions to freeze concentrated vinegar.


Vinegar in cooking and cleaning

Vinegar primarily used to preserve food; pickles are kept for a long time by adding vinegar. It also takes off the odor found in cabbage and fish. Boil them in water with few drops of vinegar to remove the smell. It can also be used clean the appliances and floor. To remove grease from your dishes, add few drops vinegar to liquid soap to make your dishes sparkle. Concentrated vinegar are not used directly, they are diluted with water and used. If the recipe calls for concentrated vinegar, then you can use it directly.

Steps to Freeze concentrated Vinegar

  • Freezing concentrated Vinegarhelps you to use the liquid later whenever required.  Vinegar is an all purpose liquid and it comes in many varieties like apple vinegar, wine vinegar and many more. Food industry often uses concentrated vinegar as a preservative or as a primary ingredient. You can also freeze concentrated vinegar yourself by following the instructions.
  • Take a freezer safe container and pour the concentrated vinegar into the container. Do not pour the liquid till the rim; leave some space for the liquid to expand.
  • Cover the container with the lid and seal it tightly.
  • Place the container in the freezer and make sure the temperature reaches 28 degree Fahrenheit as it is the freezing point of vinegar.
  • The container should be in the freezer for 12 hours. If you want it to be frozen, leave the container on the freezer. To use it, take it out from the freezer; allow it to cool in the room temperature till it liquefies. As it is concentrated vinegar, avoid using directly, dilute it before use.

Hereafter you can freeze concentrated vinegar yourself following the simple instructions.

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How To Freeze Concentrated Vinegar