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How To Freeze Previously Frozen Fish

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The tricks to freeze previously frozen fish is easy to perform however, it is a part of good kitchen management. We often have to re-freeze frozen fish in case whole portion is not used. The tricks mentioned here add better utility in handling raw food materials. Fish is a perishable item and it needs careful handling so that the raw fish might not get contaminated. Learning the tricks to freeze previously frozen fish adds better skill for the kitchen managers.



The essentials you know before you freeze previously frozen fish

Usually it is not recommended that you should consume the thawed fish once it is out of freezer

Once it is out of freezer, it should be consumed in cooking however, in case the raw fish is in still-cold condition, you can consider it for re-freezing

  • You should use new wrapper, and new container to store the raw fish for re freezing
  • To be at the safer side of re freezing, you can sprinkle some amount of cooking salt on it with a pinch of turmeric, it will lessen the chance of developing harmful bacterial within the fish flesh

Tips to freeze the frozen fish

  • The tips for freeze frozen fish is easy but while performing the task you should be careful about the minute details so that the raw fish quality is not hampered. Proper precaution will surely allow you to freeze previously frozen fish to further consume.
  • You need to wrap the still cold fish into fresh freezer warp; instead of freezer warp you can use plastic warp as well.
  • You should not leave any gap between the raw fish and the warp; if necessary press a little hard so that the wrapper fits the frozen fish and no air pocket exists in between wrapper and the raw fish.
  • While placing the frozen fish in the freezer you should select the coldest corner of the deep freezer. Otherwise set the temperature of the freezer at the coldest mode. This temperature modulation will help in re freeze frozen fish faster.
  • While it is required, you should reuse the freezed fish only then; you should completely thaw the fish and use it with adding some extra water. Freeze frozen fish in generally lacks hydration therefore while cooking previously frozen fish you should add plenty of water in it.


If you need to freeze previously frozen fish, you should check it first if the fish is still in cold condition. If by chance the fish has come to room temperature it is unwise to re- freeze frozen fish again. It may prove harmful for health.






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How To Freeze Previously Frozen Fish