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How To Preserve Hamburger Meat For Camping

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It is important to preserve hamburger meat while camping, as spoiled food would spoil the fun of your trip. You  have plenty of options to store your food while camping.  Also the food must not occupy more space; here is a great recipe to preserve hamburger meat that would lure the crowd.



Ingredients used to preserve meat

Garlic salt or table salt, soya sauce, Worcester sauce, barbecue sauce or ketchup, pepper, mustard and onion are used to season the meat. Of course you would need hamburger meat; you can buy the desired quantity of the meat.

Place all the ingredients in a clean Kitchen

It is essential to keep the ingredients in a clean work area while preserving meat. Clean all the utensils and hands thoroughly, tie your hair in case you have a long hair else cover your hair with cap.

Mix the ingredients

Take a food grater and grate the onions in a large mixing bowl. Before grating the onion peel the outer skin.  You would require both the juice and grated onion to prepare the meat. Add all the ingredients except raw bacon. You prepare the mixture depending on the number of hamburger you would like to serve to your family while camping.

Freeze the hamburger

This is the final stage to be followed when you preserve hamburger meat.  Mix all the ingredients well and make small out of it. Wrap the balls along with a bacon strip, and arrange them in a container that is suitable for freezing. Using a plastic wrap separate each balls, this is done to take them easily even after they are frozen.  Also baste some barbecue or ketchup sauce; it is alright if you had added them in the mixture. Place the container in the freezer, when you take them for cooking, allow it to thaw for sometime as they become solid after freezing. While you place them inside the hamburger, flatten them else they would come out of the hamburger.

These instructions are very useful to preserve hamburger meat. Make sure to use the ingredients as they help the preserve meat that you prepare.

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How To Preserve Hamburger Meat For Camping