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How To Freeze Mint Candies At Home

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You can make your own mint candies for parties and special occasions. You may require a big batch of candies for parties, so make them and freeze mint candies the day before the event. Buying mint candies in stores would be expensive, so better prepare them at home and give flavor and color of your choice.  Freezing mint candies keeps them fresh and retains the taste. There are many varieties of mint candies and each type loses its texture and flavor when stored improperly.


Freeze mint candies

  • Take a plastic storage container and keep the mint candies on it. Place them in a single layer, in case there are multiple layers use parchment paper to fill the gap between the layers.
  • Close the plastic storage container with the lid and make sure to press the lid air tight.
  • Using a piece of freezer tape and marker, write the storage date. Fix the tape on the side of the container or on the lid.  Storage date is very important while freezing mint candies. When you plan to use them the same week, it is okay to freeze mint candies without any date. But in case you wish to freeze mint candies for a long period, it is essential to mention the date.
  • You can freeze mint candies at 0 degree F and store them up to a year.

Freeze different types of Mint candies

Mint belongs to the genus Mentha, spearmint and peppermint too belong to the same species. You can find a variety of Mint flavored products starting from perfumes to liqueurs. Mint candies are very special, the unique taste and flavor are incomparable. There are many varieties of mint candies available in the store that include hard mint candies, scotch and butter mints candies and chocolate mint candies. Sugar is cooked till the content hardens to make hard mints. Mint hard candies can be made smooth, gritty, solid and chalky. These candies stay in the mouth for a long time and are taken as mouth freshener. When you freeze these mint candies, make sure you store them properly else would lose grittiness of the candies.

Butter and scotch mints are chewier version of mint candies, it is prepared like hard mint candies but outer shell is kept solid instead crunchy. Large quantity of butter and even milk is added to make these candies. The butter and milk gives the soft texture to this candy. The candies would become sticky and messy due to incorrect freezing.

Freeze mint candies according to the instructions and arrange tasty candies on the special day for your guests.

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How To Freeze Mint Candies At Home