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How To Refrigerate Avocados

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Refrigerate avocados to retain the nutrition and flavor of the fruit. There are many health benefits associated with avocado, its antioxidant properties makes it a super fruit for heart and liver. It’s not only a tasty fruit but also rich in nutrients. This yellowish green fruit is also known “alligator pear” as it has rough outer skin that is green or black or purple. It has a big seed inside and the flesh is very creamy and tasty. You can eat ripe fruit, add it in salads and also use it with dishes. Refrigerating avocados correctly is very important so that you do not lose the flavor.


Here are few ways to refrigerate avocados

  • You can keep ripe and uncut avocados in the refrigerator for 3 days. If the fruit is raw, keep them at room temperature for 3 to 5 days to ripe. When you touch the avocado, it should be felt soft. To ripen them fast, put them in a plastic bag and place an apple.
  • If you wish to store cut avocados, take the avocados cut them to two halves to remove the seed inside. You can do this easily if the fruit is ripe. Place the knife into the pit and remove it by turning your knife to the left or right.
  • Take off the flesh from the shell and remove the outer skin and slice. Refrigerate the sliced avocados.
  • While refrigerating avocados that are cut or mashed add lemon or lime juice to it, this is done to prevent or reduce oxidation. When you cut or mash the fruit, cellular walls gets damaged causing oxidative damage. You can also sprinkle white vinegar instead of lime juice.
  • Cut avocados and place in an air tight container or put them into a plastic wrap and seal it tightly. Refrigerate avocados for three days at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To store salads and dips made using avocados, put the contents inside a container and before closing cover the surface of container with plastic wrap.  This prevents oxidizing and in case the content turns brown, removes the browned layer.
  • Make puree out of avocado to freeze it. Remove the outer layer and cut the avocados and mix lime juice. For each avocado, use one tablespoon of lime juice. Put them into a blender and make a puree.
  • Take an air tight container and pout the avocado puree which you intend to freeze. Do not fill the puree till rim; leave one inch headspace providing space for the content to expand. Seal the container and freeze the mixture for 3 months.

Follow the steps provided to refrigerate avocados. Puree the fruit to freeze them and use it for a long time.

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How To Refrigerate Avocados