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Store Pasta in Mylar BagPasta is well-liked for its unique taste and it is the taste which needs to be preserved while you are storing pasta. Storing pasta in mylar bag keeps the pasta fresh for 10 or more years. If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way to store your pasta then search no longer. Learn here how to store pasta in mylar bags.


What is Mylar Bag?

Mylar bags are the integral component of any good food storage systems and has been used since ages. These bags create an oxygen barrier to protect food during extended long-term food storage. After keeping the foods in the mylar bags, the bags need to be sealed properly for keeping the food fresh.

For storing the pasta in mylar bags, you can follow the given below instructions:

  • You can put the pasta into the mylar bag. 
  • Keep the bag on its side and squeeze gently the bag down in order to release any air in the bag. This way you can prevent your pasta being exposed to air.
  • You can also roll the bag from the bottom to remove the extra air.
  • Do not forget to seal the mylar bag with the given closure.
  • Place the sealed bag into the refrigerator. Your pasta will remain fresh for about a week. 
  • You can also use the freezer for storing pasta for a long period of time.


Applying these simple and effortless tips on storing pasta in mylar bags will allow you to enjoy pasta to its fullest.


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How To Store Pasta In Mylar Bags