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How To Buy Fresh Cheese

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Soft cheeseFresh Cheese can be made from different types of milk, each having is own taste and characteristics. In the market, we often get cheese made from either cow, buffalo, sheep or goat milk. The process of making cheese is almost similar everywhere with slight modifications. The basic idea behind the formation of cheese is coagulation of casein which is a milk protein. Fresh cheese is relished for its unique taste and softness, so if you plan to buy fresh cheese, you must consider the following points before purchasing it.



  • The freshness of cheese is determined by its softness. So just press the cheese and check whether it is soft and supple enough to be eaten with simple spoon. If you find it is soft enough, buy it. Another major characteristic of soft and fresh cheese is that it is easily spreadable. Check for this quality also when you buy fresh cheese.


  • Cheese making process generally involves the addition of preservatives, but in case of fresh cheese, no preservative is added. So, check the ingredients of the cheese which is often mentioned on the label. If you find a preservative in it, don’t go for it. Further, if by any chance you buy cheese without checking the ingredients, you will be able to feel the difference in taste due to preservatives. This is so because fresh cheese is mild in taste which is often destroyed by the addition of preservative.


  • As I mentioned that fresh cheese is made without the addition of preservatives, so the chances of its spoilage are larger as compared to other cheeses. So, try to buy fresh cheese from reputed cheese store which has large turnover. There are two benefits of doing so. First, you will get good quality cheese from such stores and second benefit is that due to large sales value, everyday the whole stock gets replaced with the fresh one.


  • In spite of of buying cheese from the authentic store, always check the manufacturing and expiry date of fresh cheese because it has very little shelf life.


  • Don’t buy fresh cheese in large amount. Decide the quantity as per your requirement as I mentioned that fresh cheese gets spoiled in just few days.


  • There are many types of fresh cheeses available in the market. Give a try to every flavor or buy the one which soothes your taste bud.


The abovementioned information will help you in purchasing fresh cheese from the market. So, try them to buy the best quality cheese from the market.


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How To Buy Fresh Cheese