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How To Dry Butter Beans

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You need to dry butter beans to can or store them. Butter beans or lima beans are one of healthy legumes which are rich in protein. Bean plants grow easily on moderate soil and are very low on maintenance. It doesn’t require fertilizers or any special care to grow. Drying butter beans isn’t complicated and doesn’t need any machinery. Anyone can do it if you know the technique. Here’s how to dry butter beans.


  • Do not pluck the beans from the plant until it is completely dried.
  • But this doesn’t mean that you should not water the plants at all. The pods have to be dry but for the beans to grow into the desirable size, it requires water.
  • Once you are sure the beans are fully dried, pull up the entire plant by the roots and tie them into bundles.  To dry butter beans well, hang the bundle of plants upside down for a few days.
  • Once they are dry, the butter beans have to be thrashed to separate the beans from the rest of the plants. For this, take the bundle and thrash it against the inside of a barrel. This will open the pods and the beans would fall into the barrel.
  • Separate the dried beans from other waste that has fallen into the barrel.
  • The beans are now dry enough to be stored.
  • If you do not wish to dry butter beans on the plant, the option is to take the pods and sundry them.
  • If the weather is not hot and drying in the sun doesn’t seem possible, you can dry the beans in the oven too. Take the beans and spread it on a baking sheet. Put it in the oven at set the temperature at the lowest for about 12 hours to a day. After 12 hours, you can check it if its dried well. If not, keep it for longer.

Isn’t the process to dry butter beans really simple? The dried beans could be stored for many days. It is hard and would need to be pressure cooked to make your favourite recipe. It is advisable to soak the beans overnight to be able to use it for cooking.

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How To Dry Butter Beans