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What You Need To Start Canning At Home

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If you plan to start canning a


t home, be it fruits, vegetables, or other produce, you will need to purchase a canner. Canners are intended to keep the canning environment as hygienic as possible, and accurately reach temperatures required to destroy microorganisms. Through this blog you will learn the basics of about the principles of canning at home and the basic requirements for canning at home…  


Most canners come with a lid and a rack. There are two kinds of canners available; they both cost about $55 if bought new. Here is the list of the most basic things that you would require to start the home canning process


Water Bath: This is normally used for high-acid foods, like tomatoes. Several fruits can be canned via a water bath canner.

Pressure: Low-acid foods, including vegetables, meat and seafood are canned via low pressure canner. Its temperature can go over 240 Fahrenheit which destroys all the bacteria.



Canning Jars: Jars will be needed along with the canners. Glass jars are usually preferred as you can easily spot what you have canned when you need to utilize it for later use. Glass jars are easily available at supermarkets and even online. If you buy in large quantities you could try getting a discounted price on them. Lids and rings for the jars can be purchased separately and if used well can be reused. However, it is important to note that lids after long use often do not re-seal properly so do not be reuse the lids if the food has to be stored for a long time.


Apart from these basic necessities for canning foods at home, there are certain canning accessories that can make canning a easier, but are not vital to the process. Here is a list of such home canning accessories:


Jar Lifter: A type of elongated tongs, jar lifter helps avert injuries that can occur in the form of burns when lifting jars out of the hot canner.


Lid Lifter: A magnetic lid lifter can assist in seizing the lid out of the scalding hot water.


Canning Funnel: A canning funnel with an extensive neck can facilitate filling of the jars at a much faster rate with minimal mess.


Recipe Book: If you want very specific instructions on canning and want to experiment with recipes for canned foods this book can be of great help. One that is highly recommended is the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.


Canning at home is not a difficult task, especially when you have all the basic canning requirements in place. Just follow a few ground rules and it’s a very easy process. The most essential thing to remember is, though, is to be patient and never resort to shortcuts while canning food. Don’t try to buy a cheaper quality product just to save on a few pennies.

 Enjoy canning at home and remember to carefully follow the safety norms all through the canning process.


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What You Need To Start Canning At Home