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How To Prevent Mold On Strawberries In Storage

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Those of you, who love strawberries but are at your wits end trying to figure out how to prevent mold on strawberries while in storage, might find this article useful. Now, mold growth is a problem not restricted to strawberries alone but occurs with almost all fresh vegetables and fruits. However, strawberries are prone to developing mold growth quicker since strawberries are devoid of the protective peel covering unlike most fruits. You can prevent mold on strawberries while in storage by regulating humidity, temperature and air flow around the stored strawberries.


  • Tips to Prevent Mold on Strawberries in Storage


As mentioned above, the best way to prevent mold on strawberries is to maintain them at optimum temperature and humidity. Let us take a close look at some precautions that can be taken for preventing mold on strawberries.


  1. Strawberries bruise easily and bruised fruits are more susceptible to mold growth. Hence, while storing strawberries make sure that all the selected strawberries are free of bruises and are fresh. Damaged and bruised strawberries should be removed in order to prevent mold on strawberries stored along with others. While buying strawberries try to hand pick each one of them to make sure that there are no damaged ones.

  2. To prevent mold growth on strawberries, store them without washing or cutting. Washing and cutting can make them wet and moist which are ideal conditions for mold growth.

  3. If storing strawberries in storage bags of plastic or paper, it would be best to leave them partially open to so as to maintain a high level of humidity to prevent mold on strawberries. They are best stored at 90 to 95 percent humidity since this keeps strawberries from losing moisture and drying up.

  4. Strawberries have to be stored in the drawer of refrigerator. The temperature of refrigerator can be set to 32 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.


Strawberries can be stored in glass jars, paper bags, plastic bags, zip lock bags and in plastic containers. While storing strawberries in plastic container it would be best not to seal the container but leave the lid on partially open. Mold on strawberries is a common storage problem of strawberries. These delicious fruits are very fragile and prone to damage easily. Hence, handling them with care and picking them out even more carefully would ensure that you get fresh strawberries that can be stored without the menace of molds on them.


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How To Prevent Mold On Strawberries In Storage