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How To Preserve Ginger In Vodka

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There are many ways to preserve ginger and its spicy-sweet flavor but in order to extend its shelf life indefinitely, preserve ginger in vodka. Ginger is a common ingredient of Asian dishes and rarely does an Asian recipe not include ginger. Even baking uses ginger for specific aromas and taste. A dash of this wonder spice can make any dish extraordinary. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, ginger has been a part of human culinary pursuits since 4000 years and is predicted to continue its adventures.

  • Steps to Follow While Preserving Ginger in Vodka


  1. The first step to preserve ginger in vodka is buying fresh ginger without any wrinkles from market.

  2. Peel fresh ginger using a vegetable peeler and remove outer skin.

  3. Wash and dry ginger prior to beginning process to preserve ginger in vodka.

  4. Cut peeled and washed ginger into 1 inch sized cubes.

  5. Place cut ginger cubes in clean plastic container. Make sure that ginger cubes are not packed tightly in the container.

  6. Pour vodka on top of ginger cubes just enough to immerse them in alcohol completely.

  7. In order to preserve ginger in vodka, ginger cubes have to be in contact with vodka from all the sides.

  8. Close the plastic container with lid.

  9. Store ginger in vodka in refrigerator.


  • Other Ways to Preserve Ginger


Ginger can be preserved in many other ways other than preserving ginger in vodka. Some of the methods of preserving ginger include:


  1. Place outer flesh of ginger root in bottle of sherry or Madeira. This on refrigeration for 3 months and more will flavor wine as well as ginger, both of which can be used for sauces, stir fries etc.

  2. An easier method to preserve ginger for 3 weeks than to preserve ginger in vodka is to wrap fresh ginger in some paper towels. Place this in a plastic bag and refrigerate until needed.

  3. Fresh ginger can be sealed as it is in freezer bags and stored for a period of 3 months.

  4. Ginger preserves can be made by cooking peeled and sliced ginger in heavy saucepan with water and sugar. Once the mixture turns syrupy, it can be poured into jars, sealed and preserved.


Preserve ginger in vodka to use it for a prolonged period. Preserving ginger in vodka or alcohol is a process that has many followers all across the globe.


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How To Preserve Ginger In Vodka