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How To Store Sweet Sorghum

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Sorghum is a cereal grain grown and harvested by farmers for a variety of reasons. Primarily it is used as grain and syrup, also sweet sorghum syrup is added as ingredient in various syrup preparations. Like honey, crystals are formed in sweet sorghum syrup over time, so here you will find a way to store sweet sorghum syrup in your kitchen.


Sweet sorghum is extracted from sorghum cane, it is thick syrup used as a substitute for artificial sweetener. Sweet Sorghum was once a popular sweetener included widely in cooking and baking. The entry of refined sweetener declined the popularity of sweet sorghum as those were easier to produce. However, sweet sorghum is grown in some parts of the US and you can get them through Internet order or mail order.

Sweet sorghum syrup is used by most parts of the world as an important part of diet. In Southeastern United states, hot biscuits and Sorghum syrup are served as traditional breakfast.  Some people in US regions call this syrup as sorghum molasses. Sweet sorghum contains many valuable nutrients like iron, calcium and potassium.

  • It is important to store sweet sorghum appropriately else it may go bad. Though it does not spoil easily, storing sweet sorghum improperly could turn them bad.
  • Before storing sweet sorghum syrup bottle, close the cap tightly.
  • At room temperature, keep the bottle in a dark cupboard.
  • You can store it in the dark cupboard till one year.
  • If you store it in refrigerator, it would crystallize. Once it crystallizes, you should warm it gently to turn them to a usable state.
  • Take a pan of warm water and place the syrup bottle into it till it gets back to normal consistency.
  • While using the syrup, ensure to use clean spoons, this would avoid spoiling of the syrup.
  • Also when you store them, make sure the container is warm, pouring cool syrup increases the chances of spoiling.
  • The jars or container which ever you use to store should be kept clean.

Sweet sorghum syrup is a ideal alternative for sugar as it does not have any unpleasant after taste. Also it can replace honey in baking and molasses in cooking recipes. It tastes delicious when sweet sorghum is added to ice cream and baked beans and can be used instead of maple syrup and corn syrup. Pour sweet sorghum on butter biscuits, this is a traditional way of eating it.

Store sweet sorghum according to the steps given here to keep it for a long time.

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How To Store Sweet Sorghum