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How To Keep Cereals Fresh For Long

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Keeping a cereal fresh is a tough task especially during  summers and rainy seasons for those are surrounded by hot and humid climate all year through, keeping cereals fresh  in store can be a daily battle. However, people living in colder climates fare not spared from facing this problem during summer time or monsoons.

And going by the  problem  of ever rising  inflation, it is better to take efforts to keep stotage materials like cereals fresh instead of facing the task of discarding it get spoiled due to lack of fficiency in storage.


Those who love their cereal must be well aware of the fact that cereal has a tendency to go stale the moment it comes in contact with the air, once you open the bag. In fact some cereals like the granola can go stale overnight because of the presence of honey in it.

We all have faced this situation of cereal going stale at some point or the other in our lives and have racked our brains often to find out ways to keep cereals fresh. Here we try and provide you with some tips on how you can keep cereals fresh for a long time.

  • An effective way to keep cereals fresh is to transfer them into an airtight container, the moment you open the bag. The airtight containers like those manufactured by Tupperware are designed to keep the food item stored in them fresh for long by keeping the air out. Storing the cereal in such airtight containers will ensure you have a supply of fresh cereals for a long time.
  • If you want fresh cereals for long, you can also keep it in a vacuum bag and seal it with a vacuum machine. It is the most effective way of keeping the cereals fresh. But it might be a little inconvenient considering you would require a vacuum sealer machine for sealing the bag. So those who don’t have the machine might find it tough to follow this method.
  • An easy and cost effective way would be to make use of plastic clips to seal the bags once you’ve transferred the cereal into it. These clips are easily available and are also easy on the pocket. And considering the inflation, this method to keep cereals fresh might suit the majority of the people.
  • Also storing the cereal in a cool dark place, away from sunlight would help to keep cereals fresh.

I hope these tips work for you and come in handy to ensure a supply of fresh cereals in your storage.

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How To Keep Cereals Fresh For Long