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How To Store Wine In Twist Top Bottles

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Nowadays people have started to store wine in twist top bottles. The previous idea of storing wine in corked bottles has faded away. At one point of time, wine drinkers would never pick up a bottle of wine which does not have a cork on top. Gradually, this original cork got replaced by synthetic corks. And now with the passing of time many other varieties of cap have replaced the traditional cork. Port wines started having twist caps and were easy to open. At this point, people were relieved not to miss out a glass of wine if the cork opener was not present. At present, bottles of wine with twist tops have flooded the market and people are not complaining about it anymore.


However,the biggest question here is whether storing wines in twist top bottles provide the same taste as the one in a corked bottle. Truly speaking, nowadays original cork is not available much due to less demand. Corks are very expensive and thus more wine producers are going for the synthetic corks. Wine bottles with corks used to give a distinct flavor to the wine and thus needed to be stored in a proper way. However, storing wine in twist top bottles is easy and hassle free.


Storing wine in twist top bottles

  • Wine needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. This is very important as wine loses its taste in hot conditions.
  • The wine bottle should ideally be kept in an upright position. As the twist tops are made out of metal,wine may react with the metal twist top.
  • Wines in twisted top bottles retains its flavor only until the bottle is opened. However, once opened, wine should be consumed immediately. It is not advisable to keep opened wine from a twist cap bottle as this makes the wine stale and out of taste.
  • It is good to store wine in a wine cabinet. You can keep the red wine outside but white wine should preferably be stored in a cellar.
  • Do not store wine in a twist cap bottle for a long time. Dessert wines can be kept for a comparatively longer period than the regular drinking wines.


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How To Store Wine In Twist Top Bottles