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How To Store Wheat Germ At Home

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Storing Wheat Germ At Home

You can now store wheat germ at home. Before you toss your wheat germ with puddings, treat it with dollops of yogurt or mash it with flour, you must be aware about the storage tips of wheat germ.Generally purchased from local grocery shops, wheat germ are supposed to turn rancid and ultimately is deprived of its valuable nutritional value. Not to let go its fresh natural state , you can store wheat germ at home.

Wheat germ conatins very high in vitamin E, vitamin B, thiamine, proteins,  iron and a big source of folic acid. Before you wonder about the nutritional status, let me tell you that folic acid and vitamins are beneficial to your baby`s brain development. So rest is left to your assumption as to how important it is to storing wheat germ to retain its best natural fresh form. Lets take a short but instructive drive to tips of its storage.

Wheat germ are optimized with value packed nutrition so once you open it you are supposed to transfer it to refrigeration immediately otherwise the natural texture is altered and great loss of nutrition is incurred.

Wheat germ is just like flaxseed with mucilaginous texture. It is due to natural oils within its core. If proper storage space is not provided then it turns soar and unhealthy to consume. The rancidity soon takes over the wheat germ without proper attention.

Toast and then store wheat germ, as this process makes it more dry from surface but still retains it nutrition. So its good idea to practice toasting of wheat germ after purchased from market in raw form.

Due to its high unsaturated fatty acid content , it can easily turn into rancid flavor. Even after the unsealing of wheat germ, it requires refrigeration under sealed conditions, like storing it in sealed plastic bags or storing it in special grain containers.

One must be cautious about contamination of fungi, or bacteria which can easily attach wheat germ and destroy its vitality. To make sure that it is safe of contaminants, use of mild insect or pest pesticide is recommended.

However, one must be aware that wheat germ does not have high shelf life and thus even with stringent of storage conditions provided, you can  expect the life expectancy of wheat germ to be not more than 8-9 months.

By the way practicing small tips to its storage can save lot of bucks against buying wheat germ again and again and one can relish the great taste of wheat germ in favorite dishes for optimum period.

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How To Store Wheat Germ At Home