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How To Store Cooked Potatoes For Later Usage

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Whipping up a full meal from scratch takes a lot of time, and seems to be a bit of a bother, particularly when you are short of time. Thankfully, it is possible to store cooked potatoes which give you the ability of saving time, thereby putting together a meal within an inordinately short period of time. Peeling, chopping as well as dicing the tubers is a time consuming task, but you cannot really do without them either. This makes it imperative for you to learn about the methods of storing cooked potatoes properly so that you can use them when needed. Let us now check out the facts and learn how to store cooked potatoes for later usage.


It is best to peel and boil a large quantity of potatoes when you have the time preferably on a weekend. This ensures you of utilizing your time effectively during the course of a busy week as you simply have to retrieve them after you store cooked potatoes away.


The first step that you need to check while you proceed to store cooked potatoes is to see that they are not softened unduly. Parboiling and freezing is an excellent way of storing cooked potatoes which retains it crispness and golden color as well. You just need to thaw them out, and get on with your cooking.


Another effective way to store cooked potatoes is to prepare a good quantity of mashed potatoes and stash them away for future use. This gives you the satisfaction of preparing your own ready to eat meals as well as storing cooked potatoes without any fuss whatsoever.


You can also store cooked potatoes in the form of leftover foods, especially during the Christmas season. Simply chop and fry them in order to make a delicious dish of bubble and squeak. You will also be able to thicken your soups and gravies if you store cooked potatoes after boiling them without any added seasoning.


Another method to store cooked potatoes is to pop the peelings into the microwave seasoned with salt and pepper or chili flakes. The crisply fried peels can serve as emergency snacks during times of need.

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How To Store Cooked Potatoes For Later Usage