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How To Store Smoothies While Travelling

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Store smoothies while travelling as it refrains you from biting into a cheeseburger. Smoothies are made from fruits, vegetables or greens and sometimes have chocolates in them. They usually contain yoghurt or milk. Currently, many prefer green smoothies which are made from green leafy vegetables, fruit and water. These smoothies are also called as raw smoothies. Many prefer to carry them to their places of work or send them along with their kids to school. 

Therefore, storing smoothies requires lot of care. Smoothies are best consumed once they are blended. However, extra smoothies can be stored in a refrigerator for about 48 hours. Add some vitamin C; this can prolong the degrading of its nutrients. 

Here are a few tips to store smoothies while travelling.

Store smoothies in an air tight container. Smoothes can be preserved overnight if they are kept away from oxygen. Air tight jars are suited for this.

But while you are going to work, carry a smoothie in quart Mason jar with a lid. This glass jar is convenient as it has wide mouth, and does create a lot of mess.

Many try to avoid storing smoothies in plastic bottles. But reused plastic water bottles can be used to store smoothies while travelling. Rinse the bottles after finishing the smoothie.

Also one can store smoothies while travelling in Klean Kanteen stainless steel containers.

Store smoothies while travelling in Sigg jars as well. Open the jar drop in a straw and enjoy your smoothie. These jars are difficult to clean. Rinse the bottle thoroughly after the smoothie is completed.

Smoothes can be stored in quart jars that are available in many stores.

Another way of storing smoothies is in an insulated lunch bag. Even some re-freezable gel packs preserve smoothies for a longer period may be until late evening.

Another method to store smoothies while travelling is in Arizona green tea bottles. These bottles can fit easily in a car cup holder. Arizona tea bottles are thick and are wrapped in a plastic sleeve. Storing smoothies in these bottles is easy. Freeze smoothie overnight and safely carry for lunch.

A portable blender is ideal equipment to store smoothies while travelling on a long distant drive. The blender must light and easy to clean.

Alternatively an ice box in the car can help in storing smoothies for about 48 hours.

Next time make use of these tips to store smoothies while travelling to work or on any long distant journey.

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How To Store Smoothies While Travelling