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How To Freeze Raw Milk At Home

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Many people like to freeze raw milk to use it long term but do not know the right method of freezing raw milk at home. You can freeze raw milk to use it in the winter when the cows do not milk properly. Freeze raw milk at home and get the healthiest milk that tastes good whenever you need. Also get all the vitamins and nutrients that are not found in processed milk available at stores.

Follow these steps to freeze raw milk at home.

  • Choose diaries that are allowed to sell milk privately or find people who have diary animals with them.
  • Buy the required quantity of milk you wish to freeze.
  • Pasteurize the milk to kill the bacteria. This is the first stage of freezing raw milk at home.
  • Transfer the milk to the double boiler and rise the temperature.
  • Pasteurization can be done in two ways; low temperature pasteurization where the milk is boiled for 30 minutes and in high temperature it is boiled for 15 seconds.
  • Take a pan with full of ice; after pasteurization is completed, place the milk container into the ice.  This is basically done to cool the milk fast. Keep stirring the milk constantly at this stage.
  • Though the milk is pasteurized, it has to be stored properly to avoid any food borne diseases.
  • Pour the raw milk in a plastic container or freezer safe glass jar that has an air tight lid and a pour spout.
  • Do not pour the jar to the brim; leave one inch space as the milk would expand.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe the milk spelled on the outer surface of the container.
  • Close the container with lid tightly so that it securely seals the container.
  • Take a freezer tape and write the storage date; this helps you to know when the raw milk was kept in the freezer.
  • Maintain  zero degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer where you have stored the raw milk.
  • It can be stored up to three months. Stir it well before you use it.

 Freeze raw milk at home and enjoy the tasty and healthy milk.

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How To Freeze Raw Milk At Home