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How To Dry Fresh Ginger And Use It

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Are you looking for ways to dry fresh ginger? Here are a few tips on How to dry fresh ginger and use it. Drying and using fresh ginger is really easy.

Ginger is a rhizome which has been used since the time of the early Asian civilizations. It is not only an integral part of Asian cooking but has many medicinal benefits as well. Ginger is also used in bath salt, soups and oil due to its distinct pungent aroma and fragrance.

This piquant spice has several uses. Young ginger is juicy, flesh and has a mild flavor and is used to make pickles, flavor tea, or just used as an ingredient to marinate foods. Mature ginger roots are very fibrous and dry. The juice from old dry ginger roots is used as a spice and is a classic ingredient in Indian and Asian cuisines for flavoring dishes. Fresh ginger can be substituted for ground ginger, but the flavors of fresh and dried ginger are quite different. Dry fresh ginger is also powdered and is used as a flavoring in cakes, cookies, gingerbread, ginger ale, and ginger beer. Dried fresh ginger is also used as a homemade remedy for indigestion, stomach aches, gas and nausea.

Drying and using fresh ginger is one of the easiest ways to preserve this useful spice. If you have a lot of fresh ginger on hand, because it grows in your back yard or because you landed up buying extra at the local market, then dry fresh ginger and use it in the above mentioned ways.

To dry fresh ginger, start off by washing the ginger root, ridding it of all the soil and earth. Using a small paring knife or a peeler, remove the delicate outer skin, being careful not to damage the underlying root. Once you have peeled all the ginger, the tough job is done.

The next step is to thinly slice the ginger into pieces of uniform size and thickness. Arrange the slices on a wire rack keeping space between them. I always prefer to dab the sliced ginger with a paper towel before I arrange them on the rack. This helps to reduce the moisture and only quickens the drying process. Place the rack in an oven which is at its lowest setting. Leaving the oven door a bit open helps to maintain a low temperature inside the oven. This is essential to dry fresh ginger.

Allow the fresh ginger to dry in the oven for 10 to 15 hours, turning slices over every 3 hours. Drying and using ginger at home can’t get any simpler can it?

You can also speed up the ginger drying process by grating the fresh ginger instead of slicing it. Spread grated ginger baking sheets and dry in the oven.

Remove the dry fresh ginger from the oven cool completely before you store it in plastic zip lock bags or airtight containers. This dry fresh ginger will store in a moisture free environment for more than a year.     

If you stay in a sunny dry place with lots of sunshine, then don’t waste your electricity or gas. You can dry fresh ginger by placing it in the sun and it will do the needful. Place your baking sheets with the sliced or grated ginger in a sunny location. Don’t forget to cover the sheets with screens.

Make ground ginger or ginger powder from your dry fresh ginger. Place the desired quantity of dried ginger in a spice or coffee grinder to make a fine powder.

Use as directed in the recipe of your choice. Drying and using fresh ginger in cookies, breads, cakes or in teas is an excellent way to use the extra ginger at home instead of wasting the lovely spice.

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How To Dry Fresh Ginger And Use It