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How To Save Pancakes From Burning

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Mouthwatering pancakes are a weakness for everybody. But, how to save pancakes from burning so that they taste fresh and delicious. Pancakes are a favorite breakfast on holidays and Sundays while kids like them any time of the day. The best part of pancakes are their versatility. They can be filled with fruits and berries, rolled with cheese and jam, eaten dipped in syrup or just plain. All these varieties would taste really good only if you can save pancakes from burning. Though this might seem to be a challenge to many, it is easy to save pancakes from burning.



Steps for Making Pancakes Without Burning Them


  1. Make pancake mix with flour, egg, milk blended very well. Add water to ensure that the pancake batter is of right consistency. Thick batter will produce thick pancakes. Make sure that there are no lumps in the pancake batter.

  2. Heat small amount of butter or cooking oil in the frying pan. Pour the batter on the frying pan only after the butter has turned brown. If batter is poured too quickly you will end up with burned pancakes.

  3. If you are using a big frying pan, you can make more than one pancake simultaneously.

  4. Let the pancakes cook for 3 to 4 minutes on a medium flame.

  5. The top of the pancake would begin to bubble and this is the right time to turn them over to save pancakes from burning.

  6. Cook the other side only for 2 minutes since the second side cooks faster in order to end up with pancakes not burned.

  7. Remove from flame and pan once both sides are brown.

  8. Take care to use only medium flame so that you get pancakes not burned.


Serve pancakes with syrup and honey!



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How To Save Pancakes From Burning