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How To Pack Homemade Mozzarella Cheese?

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The proper packaging makes every single product worth saleable. Here are tips on How To Pack Homemade Mozzarella Cheese.

Introduction: If you are packing a food product like homemade mozzarella cheese, irrespective of how you follow the cheese making process, it must be in line with the Food and Drug Administration’s( FDA) nutrition and labeling norms. This Italian mild-tasting, soft mozzarella must be served fresh, hence, pack in small quantities.

Packing in airtight containers: To avoid cheese from drying out and getting deteriorated, tightly pack the homemade mozzarella cheese in an airtight container, which are easily available at any supply stores, to keep balls of homemade mozzarella cheese. The industrial sized quantities at cheap rates can also be bought from any restaurant supply store. Before keeping homemade mozzarella cheese in plastic containers, make sure it is free from dirt or moisture.  

Packing through plastic wraps: Storing homemade mozzarella cheese in plastic wraps is the ideal way of packaging. Plastic wraps are readily available at stores. Buy them in bulk. Cut a piece of it equal to the diameter of mozzarella and place a portion of mozzarella on the wrap’s center and then fold it around the cheese. Clean the counter before laying the wrap. Paste a label on the bottom of the packing which solves two purposes – one it secures the wrapping and secondly it lets the consumer know about the product and the producer.

Labeling: Next important step in packing homemade mozzarella is to create a label for the product where you can write the date of making and packing cheese, ingredients used, name of your business and its address. Don’t spend unnecessarily on fancy labels and if possible make it at home.

Divide homemade mozzarella cheese into portions: If you have not yet created large and small balls of homemade mozzarella cheese, divide them into different portions to allow your customers to pick the packet according to their needs. Make more small balls than big ones so that the buyer, who requires it in smaller quantity, doesn’t refrain himself from buying it at all. A buyer can any time buy more packets of small mozzarella cheese balls, if he doesn’t find a larger packet.

Conclusion: If you follow the above methods in packing homemade mozzarella, it is certain that your customers will enjoy it as much as they enjoy other store-bought cheese.

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How To Pack Homemade Mozzarella Cheese?