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How Do You Freeze Eggplant Parmesan

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If you are left with eggplant Parmesan after a good meal and are wondering how do you freeze eggplant Parmesan, fret not – the article describes the easiest way to freeze eggplant Parmesan without losing its texture and taste. Leftovers can make wonderful lunches and dinners the following day without the hassle of starting from scratch. Eggplant Parmesan is a delightfully delicious Italian dish that can be relished day after day.


Eggplant Parmesan can be frozen in two separate ways. You can either freeze the breaded eggplant or you can freeze the fully prepared eggplant Parmesan. Freezing eggplant Parmesan, the breaded slices, involves storing it in layers separated by wax papers in a zip pouch in the freezer. When in need, it can be retrieved, thawed and baked with cheese and tomato sauce for the perfect eggplant Parmesan.


If you are planning to freeze eggplant Parmesan after baking, bring down the temperature of the baked dish within two hours so as to prevent bacterial growth. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature and allow it to cool to 70 degrees. Cooling of the dish can be facilitated by removing it from all hot surfaces and transferring it into a cool serving dish. Once cooled, the dish has to be packed and frozen within four hours.



Packing can be done by dividing the eggplant Parmesan into portions and placing them in freezer bags or containers. Freezing eggplant Parmesan in various portions would aid in removing only required portion from freezer to consume. To freeze eggplant Parmesan, the divided portions can be layered in a large freezer container separated by wax papers or in smaller freezer bags if large containers are not available. The containers or bags have to be sealed to prevent freezer burn that ruins texture and taste.


Depending on when you plan to consume the frozen eggplant Parmesan, it can be placed in front of the freezer or near the back. This is the easiest way to freeze eggplant Parmesan without ruining its taste.



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How Do You Freeze Eggplant Parmesan