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How To Make Sesame Seeds Stick To Breads


making sesame seeds stick

There are several recipes that require you to make sesame seeds stick to a variety of surfaces such as buns, rolls, loaves, cookies and of course sesame sticks. But making sesame seeds stick to the surface is not a big deal at all. An aesthetic appeal being the primary purpose these black or white kernels however do more than just that. They give the dish a pleasing fragrance and create an impression of warmth when sprinkled on freshly baked breakfast buns on a cold morning for instance. An effect that is often not half as impressive when the sesame seeds just fall off to the side of the baking dish and burn. There are several methods to avoid this depending on the kind of dish one is preparing. Some of the common methods are discussed here.




Embedding the sesame seeds: This method can be applied to sesame sticks, rolls, or any dish which involves rolling out dough with a rolling pin or pressing it down by hand at the final forming stage. While working with the rolling pin towards the end when you are almost done rolling scatter the seeds across the surface of the dough uniformly and roll once or twice gently over the seeds to embed them into the body of the dough. Brushing the final shape once with some egg white could seal the seeds and prevent them from falling out when baked.


Using eggwash or butter: This can be done when the recipe calls only for very few sesame seeds, only on the top of the bun for example. For the seeds not to fall off to the side brush the buns with egg wash. Egg wash is made by beating an egg with some milk. On the adhesive layer of egg wash sprinkle the seeds so they hold on.


Sponging: This method is similar to embedding but useful when you want the seeds only on a small area such as snap cookies. Take a plate with some sesame seeds on it. Remove the frozen log of cookie dough and slice them into circles. Before placing on the greased baking sheet dab the cookies in the plate of sesame seeds so they stick on and place the cookies sesame side up on the baking sheet.


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How To Make Sesame Seeds Stick To Breads