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How To Can Sliced Apples For Pies

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Canning sliced apples at home during the peak season is a good idea of preserving apples for using then round the year, they come in handy for making apple pies, baking and even snacking when apples are expensive during the off season. So, now let me tell you how to can sliced apples for pies so that you can enjoy eating apple pies all year at much lesser cost because you wouldn't have to buy them when they are expensive.


Follow this step by step guide for canning sliced apples at home


  • Sort out the good apples from the lot. Choose only non infected and colored apples; discard the ones that look discolored.


  • Wash the apples and then slice them.


  • Boil sliced apples for 5 minutes, either in plain water or in a light syrup.


  • Can sliced applesin a canning jar along with the solution in which the apples were boiled.


  • Always leave about ½ inch free space on the top of the can.


  • Tightly close the lids of the can.


  • Now place the jar rack inside a pressure canner. Fill it with water upto the height of 2 inch.


  • Place caned sliced apple jar over the jar rack and put the lid of the canner.


  • Place the pressure canner over a stove and set the flames on high heat. Wait for about 10 minutes before placing the petcock or weight cock. It will take approximately 8 minutes to create pressure inside the cooker.


  • Put off the flame and let the canner cool down by placing it over a baking rack or a towel.


  • Open the canner and take out the can for cooling. Place it over a towel or a baking tray for cooling.

  • Leave the cans for about a day or 24 hours for cooling down completely.


  • Check the seals of the cans properly before you store canned sliced apples. Without a proper seal the canned sliced apples would rot.


  • Label the apple cans before storing and keep them in a dry place.


As you learn to can sliced apples you can probably have many advantages of canning sliced apples than just making apple pies throughout the year. It is cost effective and you get apples all round the year.



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How To Can Sliced Apples For Pies