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How To Store Duck Eggs At Home

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Eggs from a chicken are more common than those obtained from a duck. However, it is easier to store duck eggs on account of their thick shells which are not as brittle as that of a chicken. Duck’s eggs are also known to be richer in nutrients with a yolk that is almost red in color. Storing duck eggs becomes mandatory especially if you are keen on including protein rich food in your daily diet. There is nothing complex about preserving the eggs either. You just need to learn a few tricks while you contemplate about how to store duck eggs at home. Another fact that you need to keep in mind as you decide to store duck eggs is the normal shelf life of the egg. It is possible to store duck eggs for a maximum of six weeks in the refrigerator which gets reduced to two weeks if you are keen on storing duck eggs separately at room temperature.


  • You need to wash each of the eggs carefully with warm water and ordinary dish washing liquid before you actually begin to store duck eggs properly. Dirt and grime should be removed carefully from the shells as well before they are stored away.

  • Drying each and every egg with a fluffy towel or dishcloth becomes imperative while you go about trying to store duck eggs in your house. Damaged or cracked eggs cannot be stored though and needs to be thrown away even as you put the intact eggs into a large container.

  • The eggs need to be placed in a cool and darkened corner of the room if you are not too eager to keep them refrigerated. Keeping them in a refrigerator will, however, help in enhancing their shelf life by well over a month.


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How To Store Duck Eggs At Home