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How To Store Cut Potatoes Overnight

How to store cut potatoes overnight? The world can't do with or without the potatoes. It is a very versatile vegetable that can be made in to any dish for any course of the meal. Really, it is that versatile. Potatoes are high on starch but they are also a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fiber and Vitamin C. The potato is probably the only vegetable that is consumed by almost all the cultures of the world. If potatoes are made in the right way, they are ok. To make the potatoes the right way, one needs to know the art of storing cut potatoes, especially storing cut potatoes overnight. A lot of us have the tendency to chop the vegetables for the dishes to be prepared the next day, overnight. Logically, it saves a lot of time. Different vegetables have different storage techniques and so does the potato.


Potatoes, if left in open air after they are cut, tend to become brown or gray. This is a natural thing but a lot of us do not perceive it as aesthetically appealing. To store cut potatoes and to preserve their freshness, one need not worry at all. All one needs to do is to follow these basic tips that I'm about to give you.


  • Chop the required amount of potatoes. Yes, chop it the way you like.

  • Take a clean bowl and transfer the cut potatoes into it.

  • Pour clean water over the cut potatoes. Make sure that all the pieces are submerged in water. And also make sure that there is just  ¼ inch of water above the cut potatoes.

  • Squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice into the bowl.

  • Cover the bowl with a lid. You can also use a plastic wrap to cover the bowl if you don't have a lid.

  • Place the bowl inside the fridge.

  • Use it the next day as required.


Mash them or bake them. Potatoes are potatoes. Enjoy, now that you know how to store cut potatoes.


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How To Store Cut Potatoes Overnight